Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bloody hell, have the trade winds come south for the summer?

Sydney's unrelenting Southerlies & Sou' Easterlies continue, thwarting our attempt to pull of our One Degree South paddle. It's as though the tropical trade winds have migrated south for the summer, like a flock of lost swallows.
Why don't we go south/north you say? Well, the small matter of the EAC now flowing south at between 1.5-2kn, and the prospect of a 4kmh head current with a 20knot following sea for 15 hours has even downwind junkies like us thinking twice….!
Here's hoping for summer and the Nor 'Easterlies to arrive before the end of the month…..

1 comment:

Steve G said...

Could be a winter mission mate! Pack your drysuit and install a pee-valve ;)