Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Expedition Kayaks: Trip Report - One Degree South

Expedition Kayaks: Trip Report - One Degree South: Our goal was a simple one, a single day paddle from Sydney's Cronulla Beach, 117km down to the northern outpost of Jervis Bay, the coastal …

Read the full trip report through the link above

Friday, March 16, 2012

Expedition Kayaks: GPS Trace of One Degree South

Expedition Kayaks: GPS Trace of One Degree South: We have a secret weapon in our support guru Andrew Eddy. He has compiled our average speed from the GPS each of us had running on the One De...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Degree Done….

We arrived in to Currarong last night at 10.25pm, after 14hrs 55mins paddling with half an hour on the pebbles at Bushrangers Cove. Total distance was 117km, & we did the 'one degree' at 9.30pm, so fourteen hours for any prospective idiots out there considering putting themselves through the same wringer any time soon.
A terrific, challenging & most satisfying paddle. Trip report to come.
Chris, Mark & Rob.

Monday, March 12, 2012

We're Off!

Tomorrow is the day, follow our progress via SPOT Tracker HERE.
Thanks to Andrew Eddy who volunteered to be our land crew & transport back to Sydney as soon as heard we were going.
Mark, Rob & Chris.

Update, you can also follow Mark's Spot track here -

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A window….!

We're all trying desperatley to rearrange ourt lives to catch this first proper window since December. Not tghe howling conditions we were hoping for, but the best outlook for quite some time, especially Wednesday/Thursday:

Fingers crossed, we all wish we were still in the same condition were in, in January….

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bloody hell, have the trade winds come south for the summer?

Sydney's unrelenting Southerlies & Sou' Easterlies continue, thwarting our attempt to pull of our One Degree South paddle. It's as though the tropical trade winds have migrated south for the summer, like a flock of lost swallows.
Why don't we go south/north you say? Well, the small matter of the EAC now flowing south at between 1.5-2kn, and the prospect of a 4kmh head current with a 20knot following sea for 15 hours has even downwind junkies like us thinking twice….!
Here's hoping for summer and the Nor 'Easterlies to arrive before the end of the month…..

Monday, January 23, 2012


This is one bizarre Sydney summer. We have been ready to go now for about the last 3 weeks, yet the weather is still stuck in a typical spring pattern, with cooler days, onshore winds, even unseasonal easterlies & sou ' easterlies, and no set summer conditions.
Typical Black Nor' Easter conditions off Sydney
By now we usually have a very settled weather pattern, with hot dry days, a sea breeze from the Nor 'east by early afternoon, and the very occasional ball-tearing southerly buster to blow away the grime.
Wacky predictions for the coming week off Sydney (thanks to
The success of our One Degree South paddle is to a large extent dependent on a 'Black' nor 'easter, a wind which follows hot summer weather & blows hard for about three days, with the middle day usually a long strong day of winds around the 20-30kn mark.
Game fishing skippers in the Illawarra have also been keeping tabs on the EAC for us, and it continues to swirl & send back eddies of 1.5 - 2knots running back north along our B-Line. You don't have to be Einstein to imagine what a 2 knot current opposing a 20+knot wind would be like 12-15km offshore, probably amazing fun for a couple of hours, but a bit wearing after 15 hours!
Current set of the EAC off NSW (thanks to
So, the strange twists of this El Nina pattern have us in a holding pattern awaiting the ideal sort of conditions we feel are necessary not only to go the distance in a day, but also do it in the rollicking style we are hoping for.
Stay tuned….!